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A Whimsicle Spirit by Mary

Lunch Hour by Maggie -
a well trained secretary knows what the boss likes - oral sex in the office instead of lunch - so what are you hungry for? hmmmm

Souled Out by C.E. Gee - humorous tale of lust on Mars

Through The Naughty Knothole by Lucinda Baker

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To The Depths by La Shayne fantasy sex story - mermaids and sex
A Wintry Evening by Ruefio :On a cold winter night Sir Armand entertains a serving wench. Hot historical fantasy from Ruefio.
Animated Affair Sarah L. M. Dorrance:A gothic reimagining of Romeo & Juliet. Shakespeare was never like this!
Goldihicks and the Three Bear Brothers By D. Lee join Godi as she enjoys gangbanging the three bear brothers
Medusa's Mistress by Ellen mythology with a lesbian twist
Santa by Daan King - come see what happens when santa is a woman that doles out special treats for all the lovely ladies on her naughty list
Snow White by Bradely Stroke - a twisted Fairy Tale of how Snow White was raped and used!
The XMas Fairy by Daan King robbers get more than they bargained for when they meet the Xmas Fairy
Miracle Cure by Michael O'Connor Vikings and a cure for impotency
Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall by Ellen! Snow White as a lesbian Slave - A hot read by the diva of lesbian smut our own Ellen!!!
The Night Before Christmas Orgy by Synful - Hot little Christmas Cheer!
When the Wizards Away by Michael O'Connor - an older wizard and a young wife left alone make this voodoo and magical sex story a fun read
Chosen by Love by Mel Smith - This sexy story is based on characters from Greek mythology--Orestes and Pylades.
Layers of Gray by Kim a vampires curse : Layers of Gray by Kim : a free dark erotic story
Malcolm and Angelina. by Ruefio a fantasy love story
Midnight Lover by A.M.Norman A Succubus, Chytt Xoth of the 8000 Pleasures, visits a sleeping woman at midnight



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