Suck Queen by Mr.HD

On our honeymoon we tried one other thing which we found to be a lot of fun

and a very effective way to find guys. It happened sort of by accident the

first time but we've done it very deliberately ever since. We were in the

dance club at our resort and we'd both had quite a bit to drink so we were

even wilder than we might otherwise have been. Gary danced several dances

with me and he started trying to feel me up on the dance floor. First he

rubbed my breasts and even unbuttoned my blouse. Then he pulled up the back of

my skirt and danced with his hands on my ass with my cheeks showing because I

wasn't wearing any panties (I had promised not to wear any for our entire

honeymoon). Then he tried to reach down under me from the back and feel my

pussy (which was very wet of course).


I was rather uneasy at first about being so much on display but the room was

fairly dark and no one seemed to care or even notice. However, when I finally

sat down while Gary went to the men's room another guy came up to our table

and asked me to dance. I accepted thinking he might be a prospect. Gary came

back to the table to see this guy repeating the sorts of things with me that

he had just done. The guy had my blouse open and was playing with my tits.

Then he pulled up my skirt and began to caress my ass. I could feel the guy's

cock as it grew and pressed against me. It felt like a nice one and I began to

think about what it would be like to suck on it. I noticed Gary watching

intently as I was being caressed by this stranger. The guy's hands were just

starting to work down towards my pussy and I was about to reach down myself

and stroke his cock when he asked who I was with.


"Oh, that's my husband," I replied trying to sound as nonchalnt as possible.

After all I hadn't referred to Gary by that term very often before.


"Oh my gawd!" he said as he dropped my skirt and put his hands back in more

respectable locations. "I'm sorry ma'am," he said. "I didn't mean anything. I

guess I just got carried away when I saw him do that to you."


"Hey, relax," I said. "He's cool. I'll bet his dick is as hard as yours right

now just from watching me with you." Then I did reach down and stroke his

cock. "Hmmmm, that feels like a real nice one. Would you mind stepping outside

for a minute so I can check it out?"


"But, what about him?" he asked nodding toward my new husband.


"He loves to watch me suck guys cocks," I responded. "Do you think you could

handle that? If so, come on."


"Holy shit!" was all he said as I began to lead him from the dance floor. As I

turned to look Gary was a few steps behind us. Since it was a warm tropical

evening we headed outside and found a secluded spot. Gary stayed several feet

away at first as I got the guy unzipped and began to suck his wand. Then as

the pace quickened I noticed Gary moving closer so that he could easily see

this new cock fucking my face. It didn't take long and I had swallowed another

load of cum. As the guy started to recover from his climax I thought for a

second that he might suddenly run for cover because now Gary was standing

right beside him.


"Isn't my wife a great cocksucker?" Gary asked.


"She's the best," the guy replied. "Ma'am that was wonderful. Mister, you are

one very lucky guy to have a wife with such a talented mouth," he then said

turning to Gary.


"I know. I know," was all Gary said. Then my husband came over and held me

tight and kissed me as my newest conquest turned and walked back into the

club. He was still muttering about not believing it as he walked away.


"My sexy new wife has cum on her breath," Gary said teasing. "You know, I

really like that. I hope it happens a lot."


A few years later we were in a hotel bar "dancing" on one of our nights out.

Things had progressed to the point where I was on the dance floor getting

fondled by a new dance partner. The guy chickened out when I told him I wanted

to go to our room and suck him while my husband watched so I returned to our

table. There I found Gary staring at the pantiless pussy of a woman seated at

the next table. He pointed out the pussy show and said that she had been

sitting like that for several minutes. The woman seemed oblivious to how she

was sitting and was actively engaged in a conversation with the man she was

with (her husband we learned later). Gary said I should give them a show too

which I willingly did. By this time I was feeling really horny having been

groped and then jilted on the dance floor.


After our mutual pussy show had gone on for several more minutes the other man

waved us over to their table. We talked to them for quite awhile and learned

that they were members of a club called "Showtime." It was for couples who

liked to show off the wife's private places. They suggested that since we

obviously had the same interest we should join. We didn't mention that we used

showing off my pussy and tits as a way to catch the attention of guys for me

to suck, but it was fun to find another couple with similar interests..at

least as far as they went.


We went with them to their next club meeting and I agreed to be initiated.

It's been a lot of fun. At each meeting the couples share the adventures

they've had during the previous month and Gary and I have gotten really

turned on telling them about our dance floor experiences..including the

blowjobs later. At first some of them seemed quite surprised that we did that

but then another couple, Doc and Jane, joined. They go even further than we

do. Jane shows off for other men and then she fucks the ones that she really

likes while Doc watches.


Showtime's next meeting is tonight. It should be a lot of fun because a new

couple is being initiated. Then Gary and I will report on our recent shopping

trip. We went out to buy me some new clothes for showing off. The outfit we

bought included matching white lace bra, panties and garter belt. The bra and

panties are for when I wear the outfit to work. The blouse is a fairly sheer

white blouse with lots of ruffles. If I don't wear a bra under it my nipples

are plainly visible. The skirt is blue knee-length denim which buttons up the

front. Gary even bought me some new black shoes to wear with it.


When we were done shopping Gary suggested that we try the outfit out so we

went to the food court to scout for a prospect. Of course I didn't wear the

bra or panties. I immediately found a good looking guy and proceeded to give

him a show. His erection told me that he liked what he saw so I went over to

him and offered to help him with the problem I'd caused. His big smile was the

answer I was hoping for so I led him out to our car where I gave him a blowjob

while Gary watched.


Tonight we're not only going to tell about our experience but we're also going

to reenact it. This will be a first for us. I'm a little apprehensive because

I haven't sucked a cock with other women watching since that first frat party

years ago. Gary says I shouldn't worry though.


"As soon as you see that hard cock in front of you, you'll forget about

anything else," he said. I know he's right.


There will be another first tonight. Two month's ago the club voted to change

it's rules to permit any form of consensual sex as long as the partners and

their spouses agreed to it. This means that tonight I can suck the cock of

another husband and I have selected Andy Francis. He checked with his wife

Diane after Gary called him last week and she said she didn't mind. Actually

I think Diane is letting him do this because she wants to fuck one of the

other men. I've noticed how she and Dave Kermere have flirted quite openly at

recent meetings. Since the Chamberlins are swingers and Dave's wife Maxine is

admittedly bi I'll bet that we'll be watching the three of them do a reenactment of one of the Chamberlins' adventures sometime soon.


Anyhow Gary and I can't wait for tonight. I chose Jack for my partner because

I saw his cock when Gary and Becky Carr reenacted the sex show they did in

their motel room. Jack was one of the many club members who masturbated while

they watched. I noticed that Jack had an unusually thick cock and I told Gary

that somehow I had to suck Jack's cock. We haven't been able to figure out a

way to approach him until now. It's so thick I hope I can get it all in my

mouth. It'll be a lot of fun trying anyhow and Gary says that once the other

men in the club see my technique they'll all want to be my partner next time.


That sounds great to me. I'll get to have double the fun. First I'll get to

show off and suck guys' cocks during the month and then I'll get to suck other

guys' cocks at the meeting while I reenact the shows and blowjobs that I did

earlier. That certainly gives a confirmed cocksucker like me something to look forward to.


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