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By oceania

It was a hard and dirty rain
No taxi cabs in sight
So I decided to take the subway
Actually I had no other choice.
It wasn't like I was going to walk from Penn Station to 56th and Sixth without an umbrella.
I put my hands back in my trench coat, fumbled for the fiver I kept there
And headed for the token booth.
Several disgusting minutes later
I was packed like a sardine heading uptown.
The train was crowded.
People pressed against each other, the walls and doors
And I found myself standing eye to eye
With a bearded man.
He smiled.
There was no place for me to look
so I smiled back.
The train jolted to a stop at 42nd Street
and he pressed himself firmly against me.
I could feel his heart beat against my skin.
I tried to move back
but with each inch of territory I was able to cover
he followed.
Finally I found myself trapped against the rear door.
His smile widened.
It was contagious
And I found myself smiling back.
The trained moved again
Forcing him even harder against me.
I looked him over closely.
He wasn't bad looking
About my age
Certainly my height.
A businessman
Wearing his power suit.
his feet were between mine now
Pushing them apart as his hands caressed my thighs.
I felt my skirt inching upward
And I wondered just how far he would go
Just how far I would let him take this.
I turned my head
Noticing other faces in the crowd
All oblivious to what was happening.
I turned back to my bearded man and looked deep into his brown eyes.
I liked what I saw
I liked what was going on
I moved my hands down my sides
And slid the silken fabric of my skirt up over my nylons.
His eyes glistened as he touched the bare skin of my inner thigh
I mouthed the single word
And he nodded
Rubbing my pussy lips through my lacy panties.
My breathing quickened
As he moved his fingers beneath my panties to my skin
Tickling my hairless pussy lips
Spreading my lips with his fingers and rubbing my clit with the rough edges of his nails.
I pushed my hips outward
Wanting more of this delicious tease.
He smiled again and wetted his lips
And inserted 2 fingers into my snatch.
He fucked me with his fingers
Cramming them hard
Into my wet waiting cunt.
Small moans
Barely audible over the noise of the train escaped my lips
As I neared orgasm.
Abruptly the train stopped.
It was my stop.
I pulled down my skirt
Over his fingers
Smiled a warm NY smile that says 'get the fuck out of my way or I'll slug you'
And left the train.
My bearded friend did not follow
And I found myself smiling through the entire day.

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