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Sweet Torture by

I remember the heat of your touch,
my skin burns from it still.
Late at night as I await the kiss of sleep,
my body relives those many nights with you.

My breasts remember the sweetness of your lips
and my nipples perk at the memory of your teeth.
My neck excites at the ghosts of long ago kisses...
sucking, licking and those not-so-gentle nibbles.

Oh! How my thighs tremble at the thought of you,
the warmth of your face nestled between them.
My clit screams for the touch of your tongue again,
it protests the touch of another, choosing to wait for you.

Ah! My entire body quivers at the mere thought of you;
the weight of your body on top of me, your smell, your sweat.
The excrutiating pleasure as you press your cock into me,
causing unspeakable sensations and floods of wetness within.

You have ruined me for every other man.
There is not another that can stir my body the way you have.
No man has ever created a thirst this great,
an unquenchable, insatiable need for more.

My desire is to have you once again.
To touch you, taste you, please you in every way.
To attempt in great degree to show you the erotic agony
I live with every day of my existence.

This is not love.
This is lust in it's highest form.
My life I would gladly give
to live in your sexual service forever.

To grant my body what it desires most -
to be at your mercy again.



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